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Supplier Name: 3M Interamerica Inc

Contact Name: Natasha Hamel-Smith

Phone: 623 8917 ext 2131

1 Jerningham Avenue

Fax: 623-3079

Belmont, Port of Spain

E-Mail: nhamel-smith@mmm.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Website: www.3m.com

Supplier Name: A.A. Enterprises Limited

Phone: 642-3627

2113 Parakeet Terrace

Fax: 642-3627

Maloney Gardens, D'Abadie

E-Mail: eutric@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: A.A. Laquis Limited (Medical Division)

Contact Name: Mr. A. A. Laquis

Phone: 624-4254 / 6695

12-16 London Street

Fax: 624-4215

Port of Spain

E-Mail: amos@aalaquis.com,alain@aalaquis.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: AB Scientific & Medical Products Ltd

Phone: 868-673-5457

20 Calcutta Settlement Road #2


E-Mail: absci_3837@yahoo.com

Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: ABC Computers Limited

Contact Name: Mr. David Jaggernauth

Phone: 868 659-2235

¼ Mile Union Village

Fax: 868 659-2235

Claxton Bay

E-Mail: abccom@hotmail.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Advantus Management Limited

Contact Name: Sean Sam Chee

Phone: 663-4365

234 Eastern Main Road

Fax: 663-5344


E-Mail: sean_sam_chee@hotmail.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Agostini Pharmaceutical Limited

Contact Name: P.Terrence Rajnauth

Phone: 623-2236/9

4 Nelson Street

Fax: 624-3150


E-Mail: apl@agostini-mktg.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Website: www.agostini-mktg.com

Supplier Name: Agostini's Limited

Contact Name: Mr. A. Agostini

Phone: 623-2236 / 2239

4 Nelson Street

Fax: 624-6751


E-Mail: aagostini@agostini-mktg.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Website: www.agostinislimited.com

Supplier Name: Alara Medical,Inc

Phone: 407-788-5300


Fax: 407-788-5373


E-Mail: juan@alternativeexports.com

Florida 32703


Supplier Name: All Round Trading Company Limited

Contact Name: Allison Magalhaes

Phone: 625-7772

10 McDonald Street

Fax: 624-3525


E-Mail: oplmags@hotmail.com

Port of Spain

Supplier Name: Allied Visioned Technologies Limited

Phone: 663-6458

Apt #2, 63A Lyndon Street


E-Mail: alvitechltd@gmail.com

Trinidad and tobago

Supplier Name: Almed Company Limited

Phone: 632-2423, 634-1873

2 Rust Road

Fax: 632-2423


E-Mail: alves@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Alstons Marketing Co. Ltd.

Contact Name: Mr. James Ng Ying

Phone: 671-2713 / 20

Uriah Butler Highway &

Fax: 671-2857

Endeavour Road, Chaguanas

E-Mail: james.ngying@ansamcal.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Website: www.amcotrinidad.com

Supplier Name: Alternate Imports & Logistics Services

Supplier Name: American Hospital Supply

Contact Name: Bruce Andersen

Phone: local 663-9081 ,678-7811

1060 Maitland Centre Commons

Fax: 1-407-475-9862

Suite 149

E-Mail: dino_rod@hotmail.com, don@americanhospital.com

Maitland, Florida 32751

Website: www.americanhospitalsupply.com

Supplier Name: Analogic Solutions Limited

Contact Name: Lorca Gatcliffe-Farah / John H. Gatcliffe

Phone: 868 627-1900

P. O. Box 504

Fax: 868 627-1901


E-Mail: analogic@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad and Tobago

Website: www.analogicsolutions.com

Supplier Name: Andar International, Inc

Phone: 305-254-3737

16155 SW 117 Ave, Suite B15

Fax: 305-254-8251

Miami, Fl 33177

E-Mail: kcasey@andarint.com


Website: www.andarint.com

Supplier Name: AP Scott Trinidad limited

Contact Name: Amit Bhalekar

Phone: 638-7268

Anthony P Scott & Company Limited,

Fax: 674-9170

San Juan, P.O. Box 563, Port Of Spain

E-Mail: abhalekar@anthonypscott.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Website: www.anthonypscott.com

Supplier Name: Arbuna Health And Pharmaceutical Distributors Limited

Contact Name: Uma Ramdeo

Phone: 682-4128

4 Jaipaul Street

Fax: 698-1231

Ste Madeleine

E-Mail: arbunahealthproducts@gmail.com

San Fernando

Supplier Name: Arkall Trading Company Limited

Contact Name: Arvin Kalloo

Phone: 662-0994

LP # 54 Old Southern Main Road

Fax: 645-5207

Spring Village

E-Mail: arkalltrading@hotmail.com


Supplier Name: ARW Medical Supplies

Phone: 767-0998

4 Realspring Avenue


E-Mail: waynevasquez@hotmail.com

Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: Asahi Kasei Medical America,Inc

Phone: 901-362-6105

357 Winchester Rd- Ste 103

Fax: 901-362-6180

Nemphis, Tennessee

E-Mail: josette.goff@akmamerica.com

USA 38118

Website: www.akmamerica.com

Supplier Name: Atlantic & Gulf Services limited

Phone: 642-5189

Lot #1, O'Meara Industrial Estate

Fax: 646-2359


E-Mail: agsl@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: AUM Healthcare


Phone: 91-11-41446764

B-29/4, Double Storey, Ramesh Nagar

Fax: 91-11-41446564

New Delhi-110015

E-Mail: aum_hc@vsnl.net


Supplier Name: AVATAR Marketing Limited

Phone: 745- 3707

390 Southern Main Road

Fax: 659-0742

Claxton Bay

E-Mail: avatarmarketingltd@yahoo.com

Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: Aventis Pharma

Contact Name: Joan Auguste

Phone: 663-1981/3, 645-2371/2377

Corner Macoya Road & Churchill Roosevelt Highway

Fax: 662-0871


E-Mail: aventistt3@tstt.net.tt, joanauguste1@hotmail.com

Supplier Name: Awardy & Company Limited

Contact Name: Miss Sharlene Khan

Phone: 658-1514

42 Harmony Hall Industrial Estate

Fax: 658-7458

Union Road

E-Mail: corporate@awardygroup.com


Supplier Name: B.& H. Enterprises Limited

Phone: 672-1824

67 Fairview Drive

Fax: 673-0994


Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Bariatric Clinic Limited

Phone: 628-3482

33 Buller Street

Fax: 628-3482


E-Mail: drdaniels202@aol.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Beaver Distributors Limited

Phone: 679-2608 679-5758

23 Rivulet Road

Brechin Castle

E-Mail: beaverdistributorslimited@yahoo.com

Couva, trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: Belgrove's Funeral Home

Contact Name: Keith Belgrove

Phone: 652-2178

107-109 Coffee Street

Fax: 652-6202

San Fernando

E-Mail: ceo@belgroves.com

Website: www.belgroves.com

Supplier Name: Best Choice

Contact Name: Bobby Mungal

Phone: 691-1872

LP 1015B Seechandra Park

Fax: 691-1872

Sangre Chiquito

E-Mail: bestchoicemeats@hotmail.com

Sangre Grande

Supplier Name: Best Choice Meats

Contact Name: Bobby Mungal

Phone: 668-0128

1015 Seechandra Park

Fax: 668-0128

Sangre Chiquito

E-Mail: bestchoicemeats@hotmail.com

Sangre Grande

Supplier Name: Biochem (Trinidad & Tobago) Ltd

Phone: 632-0238

2E Diamond Vale Estate

Fax: 632-0238

Diego Martin

E-Mail: biochemtt@trinidad.net

Website: www.biochemenvironmental.com

Supplier Name: Biomedical Technologies Ltd

Phone: 868-663-2915,868-662-4335

Suite 201, St Augustine Medical Centre

Fax: 868-662-4335

137 Eastern Main Road

E-Mail: bmtec@tstt.net.tt

St. Augustine

Supplier Name: Blue Access Limited

Contact Name: Trent Skinner

Phone: 868-643-6194

5 Century Drive

Fax: 868-643-0735


E-Mail: ts@blueaccessltd.com

Trinindad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Bryden PI Limited

Contact Name: Mr. Norman Tang

Phone: (868) 675-5000

P.O. Box 607

Fax: (868) 675-5532

Port of Spain

E-Mail: reachus@brydenpi.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Canaan Contracting Services and Supplies

Phone: 675-6602

Room 125 Arcade Building

Fax: 675-6602

#7 Penitence Street

E-Mail: canaancontracting@gmail.com

San Fernando

Supplier Name: Capils and Company Limited

Phone: 640-0867

Lot #35B Tissue Drive

Fax: 640-5334

New Trincity Industrial Estate

E-Mail: capil@tstt.net.tt

Trincity, Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: Cardiac Supplies and Distribution

Phone: 724-4622, 720-8829

#8a Ramkissoon Trace

Pasea Extension, Tunapuna

E-Mail: michaelcwjoseph@yahoo.com

Trinidad & Tobago

Website: cardiacsupplies@yahoo.com

Supplier Name: Cardiovascular Associates Ltd

Contact Name: Mr. Nigel Henry

Phone: 868-624-8934

92 Oxford Street

Fax: 868-624-8969

Port of Spain

E-Mail: nhenry@drsinn.com

Website: http://www.drsinn.com

Supplier Name: Cardis Trinidad Limited

Contact Name: Mr. Rikhi Rampersad

Phone: 868 628-1256

54 Ariapita Avenue

Fax: 868 628-6566

Woodbrook, Port-of-Spain

E-Mail: rrampersad@rdrco.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Carib RX Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Contact Name: Frank Greaves

Phone: 868 625 1080;954 217 6035

1413 Crossbill Ct, Weston, FL.33327, USA

Fax: 954 217 6035

8 Lang Street Gonzales, Port of Spain, Trinidad

E-Mail: greavesfc@bellsouth.net

Website: www.pharmsysconsulting.com

Supplier Name: Caribbean Industries Limited

Phone: 637-3581

Lot 8 Diamond Vale Industrial Estate

Fax: 637-0555

Diego Martin

E-Mail: ciltnt@trinidad.net

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Caribbean Multiple Foods

Supplier Name: Caribbean Regional Support Team, UNAIDS

Contact Name: Ernest Massiah

E-Mail: MassiahE@unaids.org

Supplier Name: Caribbean Safety Products Limited

Contact Name: Dipinder Manocha

Phone: 636-1732

403 Pacific Avenue

Fax: 679-0204

Point Lisas Industrial Estate

E-Mail: sales@caribbeansafety.com

California, Trinidad

Website: www.caribbeansafety.com

Supplier Name: Caribbean Therapeutic Solutions Limited

Contact Name: Vinora Seebaran Ramlal

Phone: 868-636-3713

#11 Trial Street


E-Mail: watkinsonbuckle@tstt.net.tt


Supplier Name: Caribbean Venous Institute Limited

Phone: 640-0125

12 Parkview

Fax: 640-0125

Beaulieu Gardens

E-Mail: ronniemaharaj@gmail.com


Supplier Name: Cemrad Limited

Contact Name: Mr. A. Chin

Phone: 638-4797

70 Second Street

Fax: 674-7645

San Juan

E-Mail: andrewchin@cemradtt.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Website: www.cemradtt.com

Supplier Name: Cenosystem Trinidad Inc. Ltd

Contact Name: Baliram Singh

Phone: 747-8424

#4 Walker Street

Fax: 672-7176


E-Mail: bsingh@cenosystems.com

Chaguanas, Trinidad & Tobago

Website: www.cenosystems.com

Supplier Name: Central Medical & Industrial Supplies Limited

Contact Name: Mr. Kenny Ali

Phone: 671-5644

103 Penco Street Montrose

Fax: 672-5571


E-Mail: infocenmed@yahoo.com , kennycenmed@yahoo.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Centro de Isotopos

Contact Name: Dr Jose Morin Zorrilla

Phone: 537-682-1836

Ave. Monumental Carr. La Rada, Km 3 1/2

Fax: 573-866-9821

Guanabacoa, Ciudad de la Habana

E-Mail: comercial@centis.edu.cu


Website: www.centis.edu.cu

Supplier Name: Chem Clean Limited

Contact Name: Steve Subhan

Phone: 662-2615

Po Bag 415

Fax: 662-2621

Valsayn Post Office

E-Mail: chem-clean@usa.net


Supplier Name: Cherami Ltd

Phone: 351-4457 / 222-0011

6 Maracas Royal Road

Fax: 221-8185

Maracas, St Joseph

E-Mail: sales@cheramiltd.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Website: www.cheramiltd.com

Supplier Name: Classique Blocks Ltd

Phone: 221-8741, 487-5172

LP 3D, Field Trace

Blue Basin Road, Diego Martin

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Clinicare Drugs Limited

Contact Name: Christopher Gill

Phone: 665-3256

21A Corner Gaston & Penco Streets

Fax: 672-4129

Montrose, Chaguanas

E-Mail: clinicaredrugs@gmail.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Clinimed Technologies Co. Ltd.

Contact Name: Wazir Mohammed

Phone: 671-9617

157C Munroe Road

Fax: 672-2013


E-Mail: sales@clinimed.biz

Trinidad & Tobago, WI

Website: www.clinimed.biz

Supplier Name: CMR & Company Limited


Phone: 868-652-0421

39 Rushworth Street

Fax: 868-653-6679

San Fernando

E-Mail: cmrco@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Cold Air Supply Ltd

Phone: 640-0578

Lot 5B, Trincity Industrial Estates

Fax: 640-0578


E-Mail: brentdecle@yahoo.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Website: www.yorkupg.com

Supplier Name: Consultants Medical Supplies

Phone: 646-3988

178 Hayes Square

Santa Monica Gardens


Supplier Name: CORSA Marketing Ltd

Phone: 657-4880

46 Independence Avenue

San Fernando

E-Mail: sharidacorsa@msn.com

Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: CP-MED Orals Limited

Phone: 624-9540

50 Richmond Street

Port of Spain

E-Mail: upersad@yahoo.com

Supplier Name: Creatavision - Web Design

Contact Name: Cassia Parrage

Phone: 693-1601, 682-5069

EP#16 Ramgoolie Trace

Chin Chin Road, Cunupia

E-Mail: cparrage@creatavision.net


Website: www.creatavision.net

Supplier Name: Customer Line Limited

Contact Name: Customer Line Limited

Phone: 696-1762

17 Lennox Phillip Drive

Fax: 696-1793

Maracas Gardens

E-Mail: customerline@gmail.com

St. Joseph

Supplier Name: D. & M. International

Contact Name: Ms. Deborah Allen

Phone: 720-748-9170

8350 E Yale Avenue

Suite B-301

E-Mail: dmfoods@yahoo.com

Denver, Colorado, USA 80231

Supplier Name: D.N.A. and Associates Limited

Contact Name: Shiva Dass

Phone: 379-4913

LP 631, Mc Bean Road

Fax: 679-0487


E-Mail: dna1@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: Davids Trading Limited

Contact Name: Dave Ramnarine

Phone: 633-1251

359 Diego Martin Main Road

Fax: 637-6585

Diego Martin

E-Mail: davidstradingltd@gmail.com

Supplier Name: Delicia's Limited

Contact Name: Geeta Rampersad

Phone: 657-0737

454 Pollonais Crescent

Fax: 653-1360

Block 3, Palmiste, La Romaine

E-Mail: geeta48@gmail.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Dental Equipment Sales & Services Company

Contact Name: Mr. Anthony Clarke or Mrs. Cheryl Ann Clarke

Phone: (868) 653-7925, 684-1244

#5A Mon Repos Street

Fax: (868) 653-4467

San Fernando

E-Mail: dessco@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Donco Limited

Contact Name: Donna Hanoman-Singh

Phone: 638-8668

2 Chanka Trace

Fax: 638-9254

El Socorro South

E-Mail: doncolimited@yahoo.com

San Juan

Supplier Name: Donwinson Ltd

Contact Name: Edmund Gibson

Phone: 371-9180

L.P 50A Hyde Road South

Fax: 674-8186

Bagatelle Road

E-Mail: donwinson@yahoo.com

San Juan

Supplier Name: Dynasty Property Management Ltd

Phone: 02083056481

87A Blackheath Road

Greenwich, London

E-Mail: dynastypm@btinternet.com

SE10, 8PD, United Kingdom

Supplier Name: ECO Life Solutions

Contact Name: Asa M. Sealy

Phone: 627-1732

Cor. Stone & Duke Streets West

Fax: 625-7304

Port of Spain

E-Mail: eco.life.s.int@gmail.com

Supplier Name: Electrical Trading Company Limited

Contact Name: Jadoonanan Seerattan

Phone: 868 637-1494

Corner Ben Ali Drive & St. Lucien Road

Fax: 868 637-2871

Petit Valley

E-Mail: etcl@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Emergency Solutions Limited

Phone: 385-4609,652-5186

48 Mile Post, Southern Main Road

Fax: 652-5186

La Brea

E-Mail: register@esltt.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Website: www.esltt.com

Supplier Name: Exclusive Marine Sales & Services Trading Company

Contact Name: Mr. Vishan Rahamat Ali

Phone: 664-1035

35G Pro Queen Sreet

Fax: 664-1035


E-Mail: elenia100@yahoo.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Eye See You Ophthalmic and Medical Supplies Limited

Contact Name: Sunil Moonasar

Phone: 678-8239

147 Casuarina Crescent

Fax: 665-9232

Lange Park

E-Mail: sunmoon@tstt.net.tt

Chaguanas, Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: Fakoory & Co.Limited

Contact Name: Dennis Fakoory

Phone: 674-4444/674-7268

Cor. Chanka Trace & El Socorro Extension 2

Fax: 675-0589

San Juan

E-Mail: fakoorys@gmail.com

Supplier Name: Fortune Traders Limited

Contact Name: Natasha Lalloo

Phone: 638-9158

6 NCL Compound

Fax: 675-3013

Boundary Road

E-Mail: fortune.traders@hotmail.com

San Juan

Supplier Name: Forum Enterprises

Phone: 628-5968

38 Dundonald Street

Fax: 624-6359

Port of Spain

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Frank Mouttet Ltd - Wimco Div

15-17 Borde Street

Port of Spain

E-Mail: frankmouttet@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Freeport Medical Centre Ltd

Phone: 1-868-681-8174,673-1069

105 Freeport Mission Road

Fax: 1-868-673-0492


E-Mail: drrdass@freeportmedtt.com

Trinidad, W.I

Website: www.freeportmedtt.com

Supplier Name: Fynn Medical (Trinidad and Tobago) Ltd

Contact Name: Jeunille Trancoso

Phone: 628-2087

42 Bengal Street

Fax: 622-6862

St James

E-Mail: jeunille@hotmail.com

Republic of Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: G.S.T. Corporation

Contact Name: Ashish Gangwar

Phone: 0091-11-41020000

B-13 Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II

Fax: 0091-11-41021000

New Delhi

E-Mail: tender@gstc.com


Website: www.gstc.com

Supplier Name: Genethics Pharmaceuticals Limited

Contact Name: Mr. Anthony Aboud

Phone: 646-1948 Ext. 23

Lot 14 O'Meara Road

Fax: 642-0588


E-Mail: md@genethics.com

Trinidad & Tobago, WI

Website: www.genethics.com

Supplier Name: Gibden Services Limited

Contact Name: Robert Denoon

Phone: 685-5355

4 Hillside Flats

Champ Elysees

E-Mail: gibdenservices@gmail.com;robertdenoon@tstt.net.tt


Supplier Name: Ginamco Caribbean Limited

Phone: 868 638-1697

Warehouse #1, ICL Drive,

Fax: 868 638-4810

Bhagowtie Trace,

E-Mail: haidar@tstt.net.tt

San Juan

Supplier Name: Global Scientific & Procurement Services Limited

Contact Name: Sharon Joseph

Phone: 623-8121

143 Abercromby Street

Fax: 623-8117

Port of Spain

E-Mail: globe@wow.net

Supplier Name: Greenbolt Consulting Limited

Phone: 628-6735

Romike Compound

Fax: 628-5963

Corner Boundary Road and Churchill-Roosevelt Highway, San Juan

E-Mail: r.vieira@ppltt.com

Trinidad &Tobago

Website: www.ppltt.com

Supplier Name: GVI Sourcing Limited

Contact Name: Mr. Douglas Gordon

Phone: 674-7467

60a Boundary Road Extension

Fax: 675-1662

San Juan

Website: www.gvisourcing.com

Supplier Name: H & R Supplies Ltd.

Contact Name: Harry Morang

Phone: 665-9987

45 Endeavour Extension Road

Fax: 672-1932


E-Mail: hrsupplies@yahoo.com

Supplier Name: Hand Arnold Pharmaceutical Limited

Contact Name: Mr. Parmeshwar D. Bajnath Singh

Phone: 674-8001 / 2

El Socorro Road Extension

Fax: 674-8966

San Juan

E-Mail: health@handarnold.com, pharma@handarnold.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Healthcare Hub Trinidad & Tobago Ltd

Phone: 1-868-328-8193

#6 Singhview La Canoa Road

Lower Santa Cruz

E-Mail: info@healthcarehubtt.com

Trinidad & Tobago ,West Indies

Website: www.healthcarehubtt.com

Supplier Name: Healthcare Services (Caribbean) Limited

Contact Name: Sherlon Ramsewak

Phone: 663-5415

Lot #25 Reserve Road, Zone 10,

Fax: 663-5415

Trinicity Business Park

E-Mail: healthcarecbn@gmail.com


Website: www.healthcarecbn.com

Supplier Name: Hiltech Services Limited

Contact Name: Hilton Bigford

Phone: 653-5764, 297-7230

#1 Butler Street

Fax: 653-8439

Riverside Drive

E-Mail: bigfohl@tstt.net.tt

San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: HK Holdings Limited

Contact Name: Hafeez Karamath

Phone: 674-0686

34 Palm Road

Fax: 675-2679


Supplier Name: IBN Communication Company Ltd

Contact Name: Inshan Ishmael

Phone: 645-4426

61 Bamboo Main Road

Fax: 645-0129

Bamboo #2

E-Mail: ibntv8@gmail.com

Valsayn South

Supplier Name: Imagination@Work Limited

Phone: 622-0867

46 Ariapita Avenue

Fax: 622-5349

Wookbrook, Port-of-Spain

E-Mail: dharris@imaginationworkltd.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: IMKAS Trading and Manufacturing Company Limited

Contact Name: Imran Ali

Phone: 868 642-2584

53 Christina Gardens

Fax: 868 646-1472


E-Mail: sales@jtrapid.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Imperial Optical Company (Trinidad) Limited

Contact Name: Mr. Rodney Boodoosingh

Phone: 623-2179 / 4559

86B Independence Square

Fax: 623-7622

Port of Spain

E-Mail: ioctt@tstt.net.tt

Supplier Name: Indocom Limited

Phone: 623-7534 / 6020

126 Edward Street

Fax: 627-0957

Port of Spain

E-Mail: sec@indocomlimited.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: INDUS Merchant Limited

Contact Name: Ved P. Janwani

Phone: 665 7024

98 Main Road, Montrose

Fax: 672 8532


E-Mail: indus@tstt.net.tt

Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Website: www.indusmerchant.com

Supplier Name: Infinite Source, Inc.

Contact Name: Nella Martir

Phone: 305-885-3092

8270 N.W. South River Drive

Fax: 305-357-4112

Medley, Florida 33166

E-Mail: infinitesourceinc@msn.com


Supplier Name: Intacon Limited

Phone: 01-482-88-8401

8 Rigsby Place

Fax: 01-482-88-7105

Beverly, East Yorkshire

E-Mail: intacon@ic24.net

U.K. HU17.8NT

Supplier Name: International Brands Limited

Contact Name: Mr. Glenroy Robinson

Phone: 868 674-5268, 8510

B1 Morvant Industrial Estate

Fax: 868 675-2802

Lady Young Road, Morvant

E-Mail: interbrands@hotmail.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: International Marine and Industrial Inspections Ltd.

Contact Name: Ashley F. Menzies

Phone: 665-7105, 665-7492

27 Sunflower Drive

Fax: 671-8615

Edinburgh Gardens, Phase II

E-Mail: imii@tstt.net.tt


Supplier Name: International Pharmaceutical & Services

Contact Name: Mr. N. Shah

Phone: 673-5991

20 Baksh Avenue

Fax: 673-5991

Fireburn, Freeport

E-Mail: nfnshah@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: International Utility Services Limited

Contact Name: Mr. Percy Lall

Phone: 623-8084

14 Flament Street

Fax: 625-7105

Port of Spain

E-Mail: iuserv@tstt.net.tt

Supplier Name: INZO General Trading Limited

Contact Name: Indira Leladharsingh

Phone: 6845512

11 Bergerac Road


E-Mail: inzogt@yahoo.com

Supplier Name: Islands Medical Supplies Inc.

Contact Name: Mr. Bert Coppin

Phone: 1-246-435-9407

PO Box 366

Fax: 1-246-435-9305


E-Mail: islandsmedical@caribserv.com


Supplier Name: J.M.C Drugs Limited

Contact Name: Mr. Joel Ramsahai

Phone: 645-4706 / 8071 / 8073

Fax: 645-2826

E-Mail: jmcdrugs@gmail.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: J.N. Harriman & Co. Ltd.

Contact Name: Mrs. Merlyn Assam Raymond

Phone: (868) 625 8876

27 Petra Street, Woodbrook,

Fax: (868) 627-0403

Port of Spain

E-Mail: harrimanpharma@mail.tt, harriman@mail.tt

Website: www.jnharriman.com

Supplier Name: J.T. Rapid Diagnostics

Contact Name: Mr. I Ali

Phone: 646-1472

Eccles Trace

Fax: 642-2584

Spring Village, Valsayn

E-Mail: sales@jtrapid.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Jimmy Aboud

Contact Name: Mr. J. Aboud

Phone: 623-4894

Corner Queen & Henry Street

Fax: 623-2313

Port of Spain

E-Mail: texking@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Johnson & Johnson (Trinidad) Ltd.

Contact Name: Mr. Patrick Aaron

Phone: 640-3772 / 3775

Churchill Roosevelt Highway

Fax: 640-3777


E-Mail: paaron@contt.jnj.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Joint Medical Products Caribbean Limited

Contact Name: Dylan Gajadhar

Phone: 1-868-622-7276

6-8 Broome Street, St. Clair Avenue, St, Clair

Fax: 1-868-628-3813

Trinidad and Tobago

E-Mail: dgajadhar@jointmedltd.com

West Indies

Website: http://www.biomet.com

Supplier Name: Justal Limited

Contact Name: Franklin Ali

Phone: 652-5315

14A South Frontage Road

Fax: 652-5315

Union Hall, Cross Crossing

E-Mail: justallimited@tstt.net.tt

San Fernando

Supplier Name: K.B.M. Enterprises

Contact Name: Bobby Mungal

Phone: 371-1237

98 Morne Coco Road

Le Platte Village

E-Mail: bestchoicemeats@hotmail.com


Supplier Name: Karimed Pharmaceuticals

Contact Name: Mr. G. Allum

Phone: 637-9472

7 Regents Drive West

Fax: 632-3511


E-Mail: kari@flowtrinidad.net

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: KAS Woodworking General Contractors Limited

Phone: 642-162,770-822

2 Beharry Street

Fax: 642-9162

Red Hill, Dabadie

E-Mail: kaswoodwork@gmail.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: KECA Enterprises Limited

Phone: 772-0268 662-1473

4 Sherwood Park Trace


E-Mail: kcaesar_2000@yahoo.com

Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: Kemicals Worldwide (T & T) Limited

Contact Name: Mr. L. Williams

Phone: 675-0518

75 Abercromby Street

Fax: 675-0531

Port of Spain

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: KS Kemicals Company

Phone: 674-6984, 683-9592

30 Grace Gardens

Fax: 674-6984

Santa Cruz

E-Mail: kemicals@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: L.S.A Healthcare Services Limited

Contact Name: Mr. Sheik Ali

Phone: 621-3466, 621-2828

1 Symond Valley Road

Fax: 621-5997

St. Anns

E-Mail: lsahealthcare@tstt.net.tt

Port of Spain

Supplier Name: La Calle Chemical Solutions Ltd.

Contact Name: Norris Ferguson

Phone: 673-5493

3-5 Depot Road

Fax: 673-1066


E-Mail: lacallechem2007@yahoo.com


Supplier Name: Laboratorios Gautier SA Argentina

Contact Name: Dr.Gustavo Prociuk

Phone: 54-114-584-2800

Terrada 1270

Fax: 54-114-581-1566

C1416ARD Buenos Aires

E-Mail: gautier@labgautier.com


Website: www.labgautier.com

Supplier Name: Labtraders Marketing

Contact Name: Allan Hosein

Phone: 483-5531

54 Mandervilla Avenue

Penco Lands

E-Mail: labtradersmarketing@gmail.com, allan1@techie.com


Supplier Name: LBs General Supplies Limited

Contact Name: Margaret Bachoo

Phone: 221-2964

#16 Hilda Lazzari Terrace,

Fax: 868 622-9264

Les Efforts, East, San Fernando

E-Mail: lbgen@flowtrinidad.net

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Lensyl Products Limited

Phone: 662-3626 / 645-0993

Western Industrial Estate

Fax: 663-1454


E-Mail: richardsdenmar@yahoo.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Website: www.lensylproducts.com

Supplier Name: Little Angel Garments Ltd

Phone: 638-2401

12 Todd Street

Fax: 674-1018

El Socorro

E-Mail: littleangelgarm@hotmail.com

San Juan

Supplier Name: Lorre Solutions Inc

Contact Name: Barry or Heather Ramjass

Phone: 905-792-1788 / 488-1788

18 Cordgrass Crescent, Suite 2A

Fax: 905-488-9002


E-Mail: lorresolutions@rogers.com

Ontario Canada L6R 1Y4

Supplier Name: LUXSAM Industries Ltd

Phone: 665-3396

4 Gaston Street

Fax: 665-3466

Lange Park, Chaguanas

E-Mail: rickvasq20@hotmail.com

Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: M.A. Racing

Phone: 636-2737

8 White Street

Fax: 636-2737

Grant Street

E-Mail: anupramlal@hotmail.com

Couva, Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: M.D. International Inc

Contact Name: Mr. Darren Casey

Phone: 1-305-669-9003

Fax: 1-305-669-2041

E-Mail: dcasey@mdint.com

Supplier Name: Magnetics International Ltd

Phone: 7144935

Apt 44A Spanish Villas, 16 Foncette Road

Cascade, Port of Spain

E-Mail: hands33free@yahoo.com

Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: Mared's Trading Limited

Phone: 635-1194

Pidcott Mall

Sangster's Hill

E-Mail: maredstradingltd@yahoo.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Massy Integrated Retail Ltd. Massy Distribution Division

Contact Name: Mr. Gerard Edghill

Phone: 645-7454

Corner Macoya Road & Churchill Roosevelt Highway,

Fax: 645-8524


E-Mail: marissa.sampath@marketing-distribution.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Website: www.marketing-distribution.com

Supplier Name: Masters Medical Inc

Contact Name: Julian Lopera

Phone: 1-954-474-2210

2275 SW 66th Terrace

Fax: 1-954-474-1395

Davie, Florida 33317

E-Mail: julian.lopera@masters-usa.com


Website: www.masters-usa.com

Supplier Name: Masters Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Contact Name: Paul Weeks

Phone: 44 (0) 208 327 0900

380 Centennial Avenue

Fax: 44 (0) 208 327 0901

Centennial Park, Elstree

E-Mail: paul.weeks@masters-uk.com

Hertfordshire, WD6 3TJ, UK

Website: www.masters-uk.com

Supplier Name: MCH Trade Limited

Phone: 703-5516

62 Petra Street

Fax: 622-2552


E-Mail: mchtrade@tstt.net.tt

Port of Spain

Supplier Name: Med One Limited

Phone: 638-2170

152 Boundary Road

Fax: 638-2255

El Socorro, San Juan

E-Mail: medoneltd@gmail.com

Trinidad & Tobago

Website: www.medoneltd.com

Supplier Name: Medconnect Limited

Phone: 222 4524

108 Independence Avenue

San Fernando

E-Mail: medconnectlimited@gmail.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Medi Supplies Limited

Contact Name: Mr. Nigel Spicer

Phone: 223-8892

10 Fitt Street

Fax: 223-8893


E-Mail: order@medisuppliestt.com

Port of Spain

Website: www.medisuppliestt.com

Supplier Name: Medical Imaging Limited

Contact Name: Dinesh Mor

Phone: 633-2215

133 Columbus Circle


E-Mail: ganeshji@mail.tt

Supplier Name: Medical Marketing Company Ltd.

Contact Name: Ms. Heather Alsopp

Phone: 622-0614

22 Queen's Park West

Fax: 628-5569

Port of Spain

E-Mail: sales@medmarkett.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Medical Masters Trinidad Limited

Contact Name: Wayne Rahamut

Phone: 679-7065

Couva Shopping Complex

Fax: 679-7065


E-Mail: customs.prudential@tstt.net.tt

Supplier Name: Medicare Equipment & Supplies Limited

Contact Name: Brian Lushington

Phone: 623-8566

71 Frederick Street

Fax: 695-6168 / 663-3726

Port of Spain

E-Mail: director@missions-international.com

Supplier Name: Medicare Rentals Sales & Services

Contact Name: Alexander Ragunanan

Phone: 674-7062

EP 51 Don Migel Road Ext.

Fax: 675-1518

San Juan

E-Mail: medicare@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: Medsurge Group Inc.

Contact Name: Ms. Wanda Nicholson

Phone: 218 836-1314

P.O. Box 125

Fax: 215 836-2878

Glenside, P.A. 19038

E-Mail: medsurge01@aol.com


Website: www.medsurge.com

Supplier Name: Mega Supply Ltd

Phone: 652-9320

39A Coffee Street

Fax: 653-8124

San Fernando

E-Mail: chris-chris@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: Mercury Drugs & Hospital Supplies

Contact Name: F. Fontelera

Phone: 673-0611/4045

LP52 Orange Field Road

Fax: 673-5076

Chase Village

E-Mail: caribresource@tstt.net.tt


Supplier Name: Micon Marketing Limited

Contact Name: Michael Conyers

Phone: 624-4776/4766

Warehouse 23, Fernandes Industrial Centre,

Fax: 624-4785

Eastern Main Road,

E-Mail: micon@micontt.com


Supplier Name: Midhouse Enterprises Limited

Phone: 476-8052

236 Enid Street


E-Mail: midhouse@yahoo.com

Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: Miguel Moses & Sons

Contact Name: Ms. Helen Moses

Phone: 868 627-6511

Corner Fredrick & Hart Street

Fax: 868 627-2067


E-Mail: mmoses@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Modern Health & Beauty Enterprises Ltd

Contact Name: Mr. Karthikapallil Rajan

Phone: 648-6907

43 Main Road

Fax: 648-5412

Fanny Village

E-Mail: modernhealthandbeauty@yahoo.com

Portin Fortin

Website: www.modernhealth-beauty.com

Supplier Name: Modern Medical Supplies Ltd

Phone: 675-4279

LP 42 Aranguez Main Road

Fax: 675-1316

San Juan

E-Mail: kramnarine@k-line.ca

Trinidad and Tobago W.I

Website: www.htmedica.com

Supplier Name: Moore Imports

Contact Name: Javaka Moore

Phone: 202-270-7017

803 Allison Street NW

Fax: 202-882-7946

Washington DC

E-Mail: javaka@mooreimports.com


Website: www.mooreimports.com

Supplier Name: Morningside Pharmaceuticals Limited

Contact Name: Emma Keeber

Phone: 44 0 1509 217705

5 Pavilion Way, Castle Business Park

Fax: 44 0 1509 217706

Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 5GW,

E-Mail: tenders@morningsidepharm.com

United Kingdom

Website: www.morningsidepharm.com

Supplier Name: Moya Medical Supplies Limited

Contact Name: Peter De Caires

Phone: 1-868-621-3357

123 Edward Street

Fax: 1-868-621-3357

Port of Spain

E-Mail: moyamedicalsupplies@hotmail.com

Trinidad, WI

Supplier Name: N.J.M.J. Company Limited

Contact Name: Neil Lesaldo

Phone: 657-3216

26 Dumfries Road

Fax: 221-3066

La Romaine

E-Mail: info@njmjco.com

Website: www.njmjco.com

Supplier Name: N.S.G. Exports Limited

Contact Name: Mr. Jonathan Edgar

Phone: +44 20 8840 2323


Fax: +44 20 8840 0268


E-Mail: sales@nsgexports.com

W5 3TJ

Supplier Name: Nabbies Trading Co. Ltd

Contact Name: Mr. N. Khan

Phone: 645-5577 / 662-7533

5 Harris Street

Fax: 662-7533


E-Mail: jasantjason100@hotmail.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Nabros Pharma PVT Limited

Contact Name: Mr. R. K. Sharma

Phone: 91-79-640-5299

401 Ashwamegh Complex

Fax: 91-79-640-7399

NR. Mithakhali under Bridge

E-Mail: nabros@ad1.vsnl.net.in

Ahmedabad 380 009 (India)

Supplier Name: National Shoe Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Contact Name: Lois Sprang

Phone: 642-0375

500 Eastern Main Road

Fax: 642-5256


E-Mail: natco@mail.tt

Supplier Name: Natural Oils & Company Limited


E-Mail: natoils@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad, WI

Supplier Name: New GPC Inc

Phone: 592-265-4261

A1, Farm

Fax: 592-265-2229

East Bank , Demerara

E-Mail: marketing@newgpc.com


Website: www.newgpc.com

Supplier Name: Next Marketing Limited Trinidad

Contact Name: Mr. Deonarine Boodram

Phone: 785-5199

Director of Caribbean and Latin American Markets

Fax: 644-2237

1320 Tabaquite Road, Rio Claro

E-Mail: sboodram01@aol.com

Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies

Supplier Name: Niqaaras Supplies and Services Ltd

Contact Name: Keith Beharry

Phone: 868-289-5830

#20 Teak Drive

Fax: 868-221-3768

Ridgeview Heights

E-Mail: niqaaras@yahoo.co.uk


Supplier Name: Niro Enterprises Limited

Phone: 645-3279, 499-9672

4 Auzonville Park Villas

Fax: 645-3279

Auzonville Road

E-Mail: fbunsee@yahoo.com


Supplier Name: North West Hardware

Contact Name: Bobby Mungal

Phone: 691-1872

1015 Seechandra Park

Fax: 691-1872

Sangree Chiquito

E-Mail: bestchoicemeats.hotmail.com

Sangre Grande

Supplier Name: Noyabas Limited

Phone: 640-0125

12 Park View

Fax: 640-4509


E-Mail: noyabas@gmail.com

Supplier Name: Nubenco Enterprises, Inc.

Contact Name: Andrew Benzaken

Phone: 1-201-967-9000

One Kalisa Way, Suite 207

Fax: 1-201-967-9444

Paramus, New Jersey, 07652

E-Mail: info@nubenco.com


Website: www.nubenco.com

Supplier Name: Opex Execute Ltd

Phone: 673-0845, 681-0696

160 Mission Road

Fax: 673-0845


E-Mail: rjay@carib-link.net

Supplier Name: Opus Corporation Developers Limited

Contact Name: Kenneth Smith

Phone: 628-1430

24 Finland Street

Fax: 628-7543

St. James

E-Mail: kenseb18@yahoo.com

Port of Spain

Supplier Name: Orion Consultants & Investments

Contact Name: Natasha Subero

Phone: 640-4043

19 St. Vincent Street, PO Box 1491

Port of Spain

E-Mail: natashasubero@gmail.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Oscar Francois Limited

Contact Name: Ms. Jacqueline Francois

Phone: 623-1145

133-135 Duke Street

Fax: 624-0388

Port of Spain

E-Mail: info@oscarfrancois.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Website: http/www.oscarfrancois.com

Supplier Name: Par Corp LLC

Contact Name: Neil Parsan

Phone: 632-2016, 740-0535

2 Ridgevale Terrace

Fax: 632-2016

Diego Martin

E-Mail: nparsan@gmail.com

Trinidad & Tobago

Website: www.parcorponline.com

Supplier Name: Paradise Development Group Housing Inc

Contact Name: Mr. Anthony Roy

Phone: 954-549-0172

1903 South West, 149 Avenue

Fax: 954-392-6901


E-Mail: sham2meg@dsil.com

Florida, 33027

Supplier Name: Parke Distributors Limited

Phone: 663-2629

55 Southern Main Road

Fax: 662-1526


E-Mail: parke@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Patobren International Limited

Phone: 681 2331

4 Guayaguayare Road


E-Mail: patobren_int_ltd@hotmail.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Pharm Canada

Contact Name: DIL MUHAMMAD

Phone: 1-416-255-5555

2570 Haines Road Unit No. 1-A

Fax: 1-905-949-4300

Mississuaga, Ontario


L4Y 4A3 Canada

Supplier Name: Pharm Trin Limited

Phone: 680-6691

Mission Road

Fax: 673-4362

Opposite Police Station

E-Mail: pharmca@tstt.net.tt

Freeport, Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: Pharma Care Drugs Ltd.

Contact Name: Mr. Jairam Maharaj

Phone: 663-6530

55 Eastern Main Road

Fax: 663-6530


E-Mail: pharma_care@msn.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Pharma Serve Limited

Contact Name: Cherrita Ramsaran

Phone: 779-7817

37 Rommel's Drive

Fax: 646-6282

La Resource North

E-Mail: cramsaran@hsu.uwi.tt


Supplier Name: Pharmaceutical & General Supplies Limited

Contact Name: Mr. Aldwin Akan

Phone: 640-4710

5 Cravat Street

Fax: 640-1365


E-Mail: pgsltd@tstt.net.tt


Supplier Name: Pharmaco Industries

Contact Name: Mr. STEPHEN ABOUD

Phone: 868-625-6967

1 Ana Street

Fax: 868-625-6968

Woodbrook, Port of Spain

E-Mail: tenders@pharmaco-trinidad.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Pharma-Export Ltd

Contact Name: Ranjit Sabapathy

Phone: +44(0)2085820155

Canada House, 272 Field End Road

Fax: +44(0)2085820156

Eastcote, Middlesex, London

E-Mail: reena@pharma-export.com


Supplier Name: Pharma-Vet Enterprises

Contact Name: Mr. Bharath Basdeo

Phone: 669-0137 / 669-0138

45 Mohammed Drive, Factory Road

Fax: 669-0165


E-Mail: sales@pharma-vet.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Website: www.pharma-vet.com

Supplier Name: Pharmtech Caribbean Limited

Contact Name: Larry Maharaj

Phone: 657-1887

23 South Trunk Road

Fax: 657-7456

La Romain

E-Mail: larry.maharaj@pharmtechcaribbean.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Website: www.pharmtechcaribbean.com

Supplier Name: Physicians Pharmaceutical

Contact Name: Mrs. Charmaine Croll-Singh

Phone: 665-4892/672-0782

11 Christopher Street

Fax: 665-4892

Point Pleasant Park, Cunupia

E-Mail: administration@ppl-pharma.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Pinks Trading and Investment Company Limited

Contact Name: Peter Kanhai

Phone: 868-350-5087

#2 First Street West

Fax: 868-221-1530

Cazabon Avenue

E-Mail: rajnavuru@gmail.com


Supplier Name: Planet Sales

Contact Name: Philip Mings

Phone: (868) 662-8539

179 Neville Fairley Crescent

Fax: (868) 662-8539

Realspring, Valsayn

E-Mail: planetsales@gmail.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Pleasance Trading Co. Limited

Contact Name: Allison Whittier

Phone: 785-2275

16 Saddle Road

San Juan

E-Mail: pleasancetrading@hotmail.com

Supplier Name: Point Lisas Industrial Hardware Ltd

Contact Name: AnnMarie Hazel

Phone: 659-1766

23 Rivulet Road

Fax: 679-0091

Brechin Castle, Couva

E-Mail: plih@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: Pollard Enterprises Ltd.

Contact Name: Mr. Leroy Williams

Phone: 664-2373

8 Cashew Court

Santa Rosa Heights

E-Mail: siaka@tstt.net.tt


Supplier Name: Precision Orthopedic Services Ltd

Contact Name: Ramon Lares

Phone: 465-1955, 465-1944

Lot 2 Blue Basin Road

Fax: 637-7237

Blue Basin

E-Mail: precisionorthopedicltd@gmail.com

Diego Martin, Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Prefered Manufacturers Ltd

Contact Name: Solomon Samuel

Phone: 729-5037

14 5th Street

Fax: 675-2624


E-Mail: pmltrinidad@gmail.com

Port of Spain

Website: www.wix.com/pmltrinidad/pml

Supplier Name: Premier Label Company Limited

Phone: 652-5345

72A Independence Avenue

San Fernando

Trinidad & Tobago, WI

Supplier Name: Prescription House Limited

Phone: 678-1952,789-6539

10 Moreau Road

Fax: 676-5918

San Juan

E-Mail: riyadm@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Price and Value Ltd

Phone: 652-9320

39A Coffee Street

Fax: 653-8124

San Fernando

E-Mail: chris-chris@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: Prima Instruments Limited

Phone: 662-7454

1 Kairi Road

Fax: 645-5821

Valsayn South

E-Mail: prima@flowtrinidad.net

Valsayn, Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: Profamilia (Trinidad) Limited

Contact Name: Ms. Dona Da Costa Martinez

Phone: (868) 623 - 5169

141 Henry Street

Fax: (868) 625 - 2256

Port of Spain

E-Mail: fpattrep@ttfpa.org

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Promed

Contact Name: Mr. M. Persad

Phone: 662-3070

112-114 Picton Street

Fax: 628-5877

Newtown, Port of Spain

E-Mail: mpersaud@trinidad.net

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Queen's Pharmacy Limited

Contact Name: Mr. Halfhide

Phone: 638-1145

#1 El Socorro Extension Road

Fax: 674-8922

Chanka Trace, San Juan

E-Mail: quepha@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Qwellcor International Limited

Contact Name: Ms. D.A. Sankarlall

Phone: 657-9660/653-3300

#91 S.S. Erin Main Road, Palmiste, San Fernando

Fax: 652-3025

E-Mail: qwellcor@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad and Tobago

Website: www.qwellcor.com

Supplier Name: R. George Stephenson & Associates

Contact Name: R. George Stephenson & Associates Ltd.

Phone: 664-3844

67 Alenore Gardens, Phase 2 Arima

Fax: 664-3842

Trinidad and Tobago

E-Mail: rgs1@tstt.net.tt

or PO BOx 4897 Tunapuna PO

Supplier Name: RAMPS Investments Limited

Contact Name: Shaun Rampersad

Phone: 620-2525

33 Methuen Street

Fax: 625-8245


E-Mail: srampersad@hotmail.com

Supplier Name: RanRich Services Limited

Contact Name: Mr. Randolph P. Richardson

Phone: 653-9240

3 Wahid Circular Drive

Fax: 653-9240

Sumadh Gardens

E-Mail: ranrich_services@yahoo.com


Supplier Name: Renal Technologies

Phone: 768-9858, 716-5991

24 Grant Street

Fax: 868-645-9953


E-Mail: renaltechnologies@yahoo.com

Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: Reshanka Medical Supplies

Contact Name: Reena Rampersad

Phone: 648-6907

43 Main Road

Fax: 648-5412

Fanny Village

E-Mail: kenree@tstt.net.tt

Point Fortin

Website: www.skrmedical.com

Supplier Name: Reshaso Trading Limited

Contact Name: Reaz Hosein

Phone: 766-3844

68 Tulsa Trace

Fax: 647-6927


E-Mail: reaz_hosein@hotmail.com

Supplier Name: RH Marketing Company Ltd

Phone: 633-6703 , 620-9462

4A Schneider Gardens

Fax: 632-5919

Petit Valley

E-Mail: rickshaw@tstt.net.tt

Supplier Name: Richcare Industries Ltd

Contact Name: Richard Smith

Phone: 626-5324

Building #3, Fernandes Industrial Centre

Fax: 626-5325

Eastern Main Road,

E-Mail: rsmith@richcare.com


Website: www.perfit.com

Supplier Name: Rinisa Pharmaceutical Supplies Company Limited

Contact Name: Mr. Dineash Bidaisee

Phone: 646-3178

13 1/2 m.p. Eastern Main Road

Fax: 646-3178

Red Hill, D'Abadie

E-Mail: rinisapharm@hotmail.com; dineash01@hotmail.com

Supplier Name: RK Import Trading Limited

Phone: 671-2121, 672-2278

368 Southern Main Road

Fax: 672-4791


E-Mail: rkimport@yahoo.com

Chaguanas, Trinidad & Tobago

Website: www.rkimport.net

Supplier Name: Roche Pharmaceuticals

Contact Name: Sharon Boxill

Phone: 868 638-6381

Ground Floor, Maritime Centre

Fax: 868 674-8269

29 Tenth Avenue, Barataria

E-Mail: sharon.boxill@roche.com

Trinidad, W.I.

Website: www.roche.com

Supplier Name: Rodex Health Care

Phone: 044-30220514

2069/1, 5th Street Nehru Nagar

13th Main Road Annanagar West

E-Mail: rodexintl@gmail.com

Chennai 600 040, Tamilnadu, INDIA

Website: www.rodexhealthcare.com

Supplier Name: Royal Pacific Co. Limited

Contact Name: Cindy Kabli

Phone: 627-5225

64 Henry Street

Fax: 627-5225

Port of Spain

E-Mail: royalpacific@tstt.net.tt

Republic of Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: RS Imports

Contact Name: Ramesh Sawh

Phone: 672-1043,682-5200

27 Nolan Street

Fax: 665-8003


E-Mail: rsimports@gmail.com

Chaguanas, Trinidad

Supplier Name: Ruplas Industrial Company Limited

Contact Name: Mr. Glenn Cumberbatch

Phone: 637-2061

#3, Citrine Drive

Fax: 632-8264

Diamond Vale

E-Mail: agruplas@trinidad.net, gruplas@trinidad.net

Diego Martin

Supplier Name: S.L. Limited

Contact Name: Horace Ramkissoon

Phone: 636-8559

Deonarine Junction

Fax: 636-8559

Mc Bean Village


Supplier Name: Safe-Tec Limited

Phone: 624-3473

Corner Clare Street and Eastern Main Road

Fax: 327-4326

Laventille, PO Box 1676, Port of Spain

E-Mail: info@safe-tec.com

Trnindad and Tobago

Website: www.safe-tec.com

Supplier Name: Samelco Ltd

Contact Name: Mr . Melvin Samodee

Phone: 636-9907, 680-1815

K .K. Plaza

Fax: 636-3065

Southern Main Road, Couva

E-Mail: samelco@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: Sankar Enterprises Limited

Contact Name: Ms. Lisa Sankar or Mr. Jeff Sankar

Phone: 674-5052

2B First Street

Fax: 674-5381

San Juan

E-Mail: sankar.lisa@gmail.com

Trinidad & Tobago

Website: sankarenterprises.com

Supplier Name: Santrax Marketing Ltd

Phone: 636-1113

LP# 677, Southern Main Road

Fax: 636-1113


E-Mail: santraxmarketing@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: SAS Marketing and General Contractors Limited

Phone: 1-868-654-0178

42 Kanhai Road

Fax: 1-868-654-0178

South Barrackpore

E-Mail: sushane_seepersad@hotmail.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Saudia Enterprises Limited

Phone: 654-2750

917 Papourie Road

Fax: 654-2108


E-Mail: saudiaent@hotmail.com

Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.

Website: www.saudiaenterprises.com

Supplier Name: Save-Rite Drugs Ltd

Phone: 665-0832

# 5 St Mary's Junction


E-Mail: raghm14@gmail.com

Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: Scales & Weighing Equipment Services Ltd.

Contact Name: Haroon Soobrattee

Phone: 679-3444

16 Palm Drive

Fax: 679-3444

Balmain Gardens

E-Mail: info@swesltd.com


Website: www.swesltd.com

Supplier Name: Scientific & Hospital Supplies

Contact Name: Mr. G. Lee / Mr. Mang

Phone: 674-3213 / 675-6431

21 Saddle Road

Fax: 674-3213 ext 1

San Juan

E-Mail: sahsc@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Scientific Supplies & Techology Inc

7245 N.W. 43rd Street

Miami, Florida 33166

E-Mail: scisup@aol.com


Supplier Name: Sebastien Smith & Company Limited

Phone: 638-4334

LP #92 Saddle Road

Fax: 622-3272

Lower Santa Cruz

E-Mail: ssco-tt@hotmail.com

Supplier Name: SEKU Limited

Phone: 632-9810 /678-0401

1, Westpine Villas

Fax: 675-0319/632-9810

Alyce Glen

E-Mail: sekultd@mail.tt

Petit Valley, Republic of Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: Sherrington Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Limited

Contact Name: Y. Hari Prasad

Phone: 0091-40-23150760

301, PKR Complex, Road # 1, Phase #1,

Fax: 0091-40-23052419

KPHB Colony, Kukatpally, Hyderabad 500072

E-Mail: sherrington_pharma@yahoo.com;


Supplier Name: Shree Ganesh Pharmaceuticals

Contact Name: Chetan Bhagat

Phone: 91-22-2411 2010

542, 1/10, Bhuta Niwas, P.B. No 6617

Fax: 91-22-2411 1565

Dr. Ambedkar Road Matunga(E)

E-Mail: bhagat@sgpharma.com

Mumbai 400 019 INDIA

Website: www.sgpharma.com

Supplier Name: Sirmaxo Chemicals Pvt. Limited

Contact Name: Mrs. Hema Bhatwadekar

Phone: 91-22-2611 2177

28, New Extension Wing, AV Municipal Market,

Fax: 91-22-2617 6095

Vallabhbhai Road, Vile-Parle (West), Mumbai 400 056

E-Mail: info@sirmaxochem.com, sirmaxochem@rediffmail.com

Maharashtra State, India

Website: www.sirmaxochem.com

Supplier Name: Smith Robertson & Co. Ltd.

Contact Name: Charles Pashley

Phone: 638-7762, 638-1303

18 Chootoo Road Extension

Fax: 674-1906

Aranguez, San Juan

E-Mail: cpashley@smithrobertsontt.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: SmithKline Beecham

Contact Name: Ms. D. Herbert

Phone: 627-7294

5th Floor, Algico Plaza

Fax: 623-7161

91-93 St. Vincent Street, Port of Spain

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Solace Industries Limited

Phone: 470-8806, 310-1364

199 Western Main Road

Fax: 623-0835


E-Mail: sanveer@hotmail.com

Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: Soluna Co. Ltd.

Phone: 310-3837

2 Circular Road

Mt Lambert

E-Mail: rcalliste@gmail.com

Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: Southern Medical Supplies Limited

Phone: 652-8334, 678-1210

451 Seaview, Parkway, Gulfview

Fax: 657-0761

La Romain

E-Mail: viclabs@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: Southern Systems Limited

Phone: 868-653-0283/0591

3&5 Hilda Lazzari Terrace

Fax: 868-653-6908

Les Efforts East

E-Mail: southsysltd@tstt.net.tt

San Fernando Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Website: info@southernsystemslimited.com

Supplier Name: Specialist Pharmacy Limited

Phone: 672-5108

86 Main Road

Fax: 672-5108


E-Mail: sp.pharm@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Specialist Shooters Training Center Ltd.

Contact Name: Brent Thomas

Phone: 627-7975

1 Western Main Road

Fax: 627-9044

St. James

E-Mail: sstc@tstt.net.tt

Trindad, WI

Supplier Name: St. Augustine Medical Laboratory Limited

Contact Name: Dr. Balmiki Ramsaran

Phone: 663-2387/645-2388

MIK-ARL Building

Fax: 662-2802

143 Eastern Main Road

E-Mail: mikarl@tstt.net.tt

St. Augustine

Website: www.staugmedlab.com

Supplier Name: St. Thomas Pharmacy

Contact Name: Frederick Emode

Phone: 667-4407

St. Thomas Pharmacy

Fax: 667-4407

BOX 4472

E-Mail: fredemode@yahoo.com

Sangre Grande

Supplier Name: Steede Medical Caribbean Limited

Contact Name: Godfrey Philip

Phone: 662-3525

Unit #15

Fax: 662-2868

44 Eastern Main Road

E-Mail: contact@steedemedical.com

St. Augustine

Website: www.steedemedical.com

Supplier Name: Steede Medical LLC

Contact Name: Louis Steede

Phone: 1-305-597-0607

11433 N.W. 34th Street

Fax: 1-305-597-0608

Doral, Florida 33178

E-Mail: contact@steedemedical.com


Website: www.steedemedical.com

Supplier Name: Strategist Caribbean Limited

Contact Name: Mr Clive W. Phelps

Phone: 625-0805 & 627-4416

20 New Street

Fax: 627-8231

Port of Spain

E-Mail: cphelps@cablenett.net

Republic of Trinidad & Tobago

Website: NIL

Supplier Name: Summit Cosmetic Limited

Contact Name: Edwin Skinner

Phone: 627-3745

36 Old St. Joseph Road

Fax: 624-4639


E-Mail: edsummit@gmail.com

Republic of Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: Sun Crest International

Contact Name: Mr. Ronnie G. Singh / Arjoon Kissoonlal

Phone: 868-674-3241 / 4747

Imrith House

Fax: 868-675-3378

28-34 Tenth Avenue

E-Mail: ronnie@suncrest.co.tt


Website: suncrest.co.tt

Supplier Name: Super Industrial Services Limited

22 Rivulet Road

Brechin Castle, Couva

E-Mail: sis@sis.co.tt

Trinidad & Tobago

Website: www.sis.co.tt

Supplier Name: Superior Pharma Limited

Contact Name: Mr. Ryan K. Singh

Phone: 868 290-7926

LP# 65 Lower Don Miguel Extension

Fax: 868 638-9017

San Juan

E-Mail: superiorpharmaltd@gmail.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Suppliers Associates Ltd.

Contact Name: Ms. Hyacinth Chow

Phone: 624-9769

27 Gallus Street,

Fax: 624-9769


E-Mail: suppliersassociates@gmail.com

Port of Spain

Supplier Name: Synergy Resources Limited

Phone: 650-2671

Harmony Hall Road

Fax: 650-2671


E-Mail: info@synergyresourcesltd.com

Trinidad & Tobago

Website: ww.synergyresourcesltd.com

Supplier Name: Systematix Solutions Inc

Contact Name: Fareed Baksh

Phone: 954-450-0598

4004 N. 30 Avenue

Fax: 954-431-1731

E-Mail: fbaksh@systematixsolutions.com

Hollywood, Florida 33020 , United States of America

Supplier Name: TABR Supplies

Contact Name: Anthony Roy

Phone: 633-9313 / 769-1670

13 Wendy Fitzwilliam Boulevard

Diamond Vale

E-Mail: tabrsupplies@yahoo.com

Diego Martin

Supplier Name: Techfab International

Contact Name: Nakul / Vikas Gupta

Phone: 91-129-527-0202 / 2490

Technofab House

Fax: 91-129-527-0201

Plot No. 5, Sector 27C, Mathura Road

E-Mail: techfab@vsnl.com

Faridabad - 121003, Haryana, India

Website: www.techfabinternational.com

Supplier Name: TGC Marketing & Distribution Limited

Phone: 622-7304

21 Taylor Street

Fax: 622-7304


E-Mail: tgcdental@yahoo.com

Supplier Name: The Aldwin Group, LLC

Contact Name: Willan Joseph

Phone: 610 259-8900

18 North Lansdowne Avenue, 2nd Floor

Lansdowne, PA 19050

E-Mail: aldwingroup@verizon.net


Supplier Name: The Antibiotic Shop Limited

Contact Name: Mr. Rajesh Bududass

Phone: 705-8080

15, Pierre Road,


E-Mail: rbdass@yahoo.com


Supplier Name: The Eye Care Centre

Contact Name: Dr. A. Mahabir

Phone: 657-3661

Surgi-Med Building

Fax: 657-5951

Cor. Chacon & Penitence Streets

E-Mail: anirudh@carib-link.net

San Fernando

Supplier Name: The H.A.P. Group, LLC

Contact Name: Paul M. Thompson

Phone: 1-718-469-3936

1666 Nostrano Avenue

Fax: 1-718-469-3936

Brooklyn, NY 11226

Supplier Name: The John Hayes Memorial Kidney Foundation

Contact Name: Martin Riley

Phone: 623-6425

20 Willis Street

Fax: 624-9920


E-Mail: thejhmkf@hotmail.com

Supplier Name: The Medical Supply Co. Ltd.

Contact Name: Ms. H. Mahabirsingh

Phone: 633-8491

40 St Lucien Road

Fax: 632-3792

Diego Martin

E-Mail: heather@themedicalsupplyco.com

Republic of Tinidad & Toabgo, West Indies

Supplier Name: The Peoples Health Care Needs Ltd

Phone: 780-8753, 684-0490

P.O. Box 3269

Diego Martin

E-Mail: sandra@phcnproducts.com

Trinidad & Tobago

Website: www.phcnproducts.com

Supplier Name: The World Bank Group

Contact Name: Marcelo Osorio

E-Mail: mosorio@worldbank.org

Website: www.worldbank.org

Supplier Name: Trans-Continental Medical Products Limited USA

Contact Name: Garth Richardson

Phone: 973-204-6208

7 Bay Street

Glen Ridge

E-Mail: richardson exports@comcast.net

New Jersey 07028

Supplier Name: Trans-Continental Medical Products-CMO. Corp.

Contact Name: Tyrol Tang

Phone: 1-973-299-9888

115 Route 46, Suite B-12

Fax: 1-973-299-9788

Mountain Lakes,

E-Mail: tyrol.tang@chinesemol.com

New Jersey, 07046, USA

Website: www.chinesemol.com

Supplier Name: Trans-Impex Limited

Contact Name: Mr. S. Maharaj

Phone: 652-6932

17 Chacon Street

Fax: 653-6002

San Fernando

E-Mail: maharajs@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Trindies Agencies Ltd

Contact Name: Mrs. Shriematie Maharaj/Krishna Maharaj

Phone: 658-3608

123 Kajim Street

Fax: 658-6424

Gopaul Lands

E-Mail: trindies@tstt.net.tt


Supplier Name: Trindrugs Caribbean

Contact Name: Mrs. G. Charles

Phone: 625-6127

260 Eastern Main Road

Fax: 624-7485


E-Mail: tccl2@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Trinidad Dental Supply Co.

Contact Name: Mr. P. McLean

Phone: 623-4673 / 627-0043

122-124 Henry Street

Fax: 627-8010

Port of Spain

E-Mail: petermclean@trinidaddental.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Trinidad Industrial Sales & Services Limited

Contact Name: Rawle Beharry

Phone: 868 652-9353

#37, Naparima Mayaro Road,

Fax: 868 657-0347

Cocoyea Village, San Fernando

E-Mail: tissltd@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Trinidad Orthopedics Limited

Phone: 627-9867

14 Methuen Street

Woodbrook, Port of Spain

E-Mail: triniortho@gmail.com

Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: Trinimed Ltd

Phone: 620-6155

30 Serene Gardens

Fax: 671-8670

Penco Avenue, Londenville

E-Mail: trinimed.limited@yahoo.com

Chaguanas, Trinidad & Tobago

Supplier Name: Trinpharm Company Limited

Contact Name: Mr. M. Ramsahai

Phone: 665-6039

21 Kassie Drive

Fax: 665-6039

Charlieville, Chaguanas

E-Mail: trinpharm@hotmail.com, trinpharm@yahoo.co.in

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Trintogas Limited

Contact Name: Kenrick Harrinauth

Phone: 623-6335

12 Pioneer Drive

Fax: 624-6510

Sea Lots

E-Mail: trintogas@neal-and-massy.com

Port of Spain

Supplier Name: Trintrac Limited

Contact Name: Mr. Andrew G. Bernard

Phone: 672-5329

8 Bolai Trace

Fax: 672-5330

IDC Estate, Chase Village

E-Mail: trintrac@carib-link.net

Trinidad and Tobago

Website: www.trintrac.com

Supplier Name: Tri-Star (Latin America) Limited

Contact Name: Mr. M. Franklin

Phone: 623-3062 / 7938

13 Stanmore Avenue

Fax: 623-5870

Port of Spain

E-Mail: elperial@trinidad.net

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Trius Medical Sales & Services Ltd

Contact Name: Amy Ramkhelawan

Phone: 697-0367

3 Palmiste Boulevard

Fax: 697-1284

La Romain

E-Mail: michelle@triusmedicalsales.com

Website: www.triusmedicalsales.com

Supplier Name: Ultra Pharm Marketing

Contact Name: Mr. Ramesh Heeraman

Phone: 868 640-4276 / 4377

Aero Services Credit Union Complex

Fax: 868 640-7463

Orange Grove Road, Tacarigua

E-Mail: rheeraman@ultra-pharm.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Unimedical Distributors

Contact Name: Mr. B. Sutherland

Phone: 637-8128

18 Pinewood Gardens

Fax: 674-9332

Petit Valley

E-Mail: bermed@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: United Supplies & Services Limited

Contact Name: Mr Dennis Mackoon

Phone: 671-0027 / 5505

LP#65 Ramsaran Street

Fax: 671-0027 / 6554


E-Mail: ttcarpetussl@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: V H Marketing

Contact Name: Mr. Vernon Harricharan

Phone: 671-4731/8349

211 Caroni Savannah Road

Fax: 665-0907


E-Mail: vhmarketing@tstt.net.tt

Trinidad, West Indies

Website: vhmarketing.­net

Supplier Name: V & JS Dental Supplies

Phone: 664-5789 / 738-2827

7 Tamarind Court

Santa Rosa Court

E-Mail: vachonggrant@yahoo.com


Supplier Name: V & R Trading Inc

Contact Name: Mr. Rajnath Maharaj

Phone: 1-305-828-1381

17425 NW 75 Pl. Suite 203

Fax: 1-305-828-1381

Miami, Florida

E-Mail: rmginata@gmail.com,vimlamaharaj2@gmail.com


Supplier Name: V & S Pharmaceuticals

Contact Name: Mr. Persad

Phone: 645-6961

30 Augustine Circular Road

Fax: 645-6962

St. Augustine

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: Value Optical Ltd

Phone: 671-6000

9 Southern Main Road

Fax: 671-1080


E-Mail: kellybainey80@hotmail.com

Trinidad & Tobago

Website: www.valueoptical.com

Supplier Name: VCI LLC

Contact Name: Vesham R. Chang

Phone: 1-561-310-7805

6670 Jacques Way

Fax: 1-561-228-8345

Lake Worth,

E-Mail: vchangintl@yahoo.com

Florida, USA 33463

Supplier Name: Vernon Technologies Ltd

Contact Name: Mr Mohsan Naeem

Phone: 868-691-0173/668-3783

7 Ramlogan Drive ,

Fax: 868-668-7741

Sangre Grande

E-Mail: info@vtl-trin.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Website: http://www.vtl-trin.com

Supplier Name: Vishroy Trading Enterprises

Phone: 1-868-355-0731

#117 Mondesir Delhi Road

Fax: 1-868-742-9558


E-Mail: royb1000@hotmail.com

Supplier Name: Vivotex Ltd

Phone: 674-8186

LP 50A Hyde Road South

Bagatelle Road

E-Mail: vivotekltd@gmail.com

San Juan, Trinidad and Toabgo

Supplier Name: W.I.M.C.O. Limited

48 Taylor Street


Supplier Name: Welding Cutting & Industrial Supplies Ltd.

Contact Name: Mitra Narinesingh

Phone: 657-7980

143-145 Southern Main Road

Fax: 653-5431


E-Mail: wcis@tstt.net.tt

Website: www.welding-suppliestt.com

Supplier Name: West Venture Inc. Ltd

Phone: 625-8849

10 Fitt Street

Fax: 623-4656


E-Mail: wesvenadmin@mail.tt

Port of Spain Trinidad & Tobago

Website: www.westventure.net

Supplier Name: Western Scientific Company Limited

Contact Name: Mr. Edwin Mackoon

Phone: 868 673-1378/0038/0938

80 Freeport Mission Road

Fax: 673-0767/5497/1542


E-Mail: mario.dell@westscitech.com

Supplier Name: Young's Pharma-Serv Limited

Contact Name: Mr. Alan Young, Mr. Colin Young

Phone: 622-6478,622-4669

26 Saddle Road

Fax: 622-6455

Maraval Road, Port of Spain

E-Mail: ypspharma@gmail.com

Trinidad and Tobago

Supplier Name: ZIJR Limited

Contact Name: Gangaram Moosay / Shaffie Rahaman

Phone: 632-9254

14 Thomas Drive

Fax: 632-2340

St. Lucian Road

E-Mail: willanr@yahoo.com

Diego Martin

Supplier Name: Zorya Limited

Phone: 645-3279

2 Granite Terrace

Fax: 645-3279

Hill Top Drive

E-Mail: zoryaltd@gmail.com

Champs Fleurs